Cheating Boyfriend Test: Easy Ways To Test If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Published: 13th October 2008
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Have you ever been cheated by your boyfriend? Or do you suspect him to be fooling around with someone else? If your answer is yes, then listen closely. There's one way you can catch him and put him in his proper place, and that is by subjecting him to the cheating boyfriend test.

While a cheating boyfriend is something you don't want to have in common with other girls, it also means that guys like him have not really changed their styles either. The cheating boyfriend test encompasses some of their old tricks, which you can use to catch them.

Confront Your Girlfriends

This is at the top of every cheating boyfriend test primarily because it happens more often than not. A lot of guys who have a habit of cheating on their partners often make a move on the "girlfriends."

Whether it's an invitation to spend the night at his place or an embrace that's not entirely friendly, these guys know no boundaries. And as your friend, the girl would probably choose to keep the experience a secret for your own consideration.

Just to make sure you're not the last person to find out about it, ask some of your closest girlfriends now. Even if they haven't been targeted by your guy, they might know someone who has.

Unidentified Numbers

Mobile phones are today's prime choice for communication. They are also the gadgets which are number one on the cheating boyfriend test's "weapon of choice" category.

If your guy suddenly starts receiving calls from unidentified numbers, it's time to do a little investigation. Be even more alert if your guy doesn't tell you who he's speaking with, or if he often leaves the room to answer his calls.

If you have the opportunity, try checking his phone for the number he often calls or answers. If it's an unidentified number, you have the choice to find out who the owner of that number is and why your guy seems to call it more often than your own mobile phone.

These are only some of the tricks which are included in the cheating boyfriend test. They have been tried and tested over time. However, it's also not such a good idea to jump to conclusions. Try to find out what other reasons there could be for such suspicious behavior and then make your decision.

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