Eye Body Language Signs Of Lying: How To Catch Liars By Reading Their Eyes

Published: 27th March 2009
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Experts agree you can tell so much about a person's truthfulness by looking for any eye body language signs of lying.

Here are the signs that should alarm you about the possibility of conversing or interacting with a liar:

Eye Body Language Sign # 1: Inability To Make Eye Contact

If someone is not willing to tell you the truth about a particular story, you'll find them incapable of looking at you directly in the eye.

Since people are often raised with the idea of honesty being the best policy, it is therefore against an individual's nature to make up lies. Hence, that is where the level of agitation or uneasiness comes in, which is the knowledge that they are doing something "wrong".

Avoiding eye contact is recognized as a defense mechanism to avoid confrontation about a lie being told.

Eye Body Language Sign # 2: Constant Eye Motion

You might not be able to detect it, but liars often move their eyes up and then left. What is its significance to lying, you might ask? Experts believe that it is a sign that a person is trying to make up stories or scenarios in their mind.

If the person is telling the truth, then they probably won't have problems relating the details of a given situation. But if they are lying, they need to assess what kind of statement they have to make that would appear logical.

Eye Body Language Sign # 3: Uncharacteristic Blinking

Rapid eye movement is another tell-tale sign of lying. Blinking is a natural body process; but when this activity becomes more often and appears unnatural, then it should be a hint that that person is trying to avoid detection.

Now that you know the 3 eye body language signs of lying, you can "see through" the truthfulness in their words. So please put this information to good use.

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