Flirting Signals of Attraction - How to Read Flirting Signals

Published: 19th June 2008
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Flirting signals of attraction are among the clear-cut ways to know whether to make the next move or to just enjoy the friendship and the company of the other person. If used well, flirting signals of attraction could be the spark of a very rewarding relationship.

To flirt, as defined by the Oxford American Dictionary, is to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.

While very true, flirting signals of attraction could actually just be body language signals to let the other person know that you are attracted, at the very least, or even that you are open to pursuing a relationship, at best.

Flirting signals of attraction could be anything from a smile to an increased interest in the other person. Women tend to show this attraction by making themselves more eye-catching, either through smiling, playing of the hair, and through other body language signals that make a man do a double-take.

On the other hand, men's flirting signals of attraction include doing things to impress. Some who take pride in their bodies may show it off more often. Others, who take pride in their possessions, may flash it more. Others, who find significance in their careers, would talk more about how successful they are, in order to impress.

A woman's asset is her beauty. More often than not, when she wants to get a man's attention, she will show it off more often. On the other hand, if she is serious about the guy, she would take her "flirtation" to a more maternal level. Instead of showing off her beauty, she would more likely leave cookies on the guy's table or make coffee, as a wholesome gesture of sweetness.

On the other hand, if a man is past his insecurities, the "flashiness" of trying to impress the girl by what he has won't be his strategy. If he is serious about the girl, he will instead opt for finding out what would impress her and do just that.

Even if it may take a pot of roses to leave in her cubicle, bunch of roses sent to the girl's mom, or even a bottle of wine sent to the girl's dad, he will do it, because he is seriously in love.

Flirting signals of attraction take more than the body to communicate. If the person uses physical attraction to communicate the interest, it only means that he/she is after the booty call, and not for a lifetime relationship.

If he/she is after the latter, then more wholesome gestures would be used. It all boils down to: what would you want for yourself? Which would you respond to better?

It's all in your hands.

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