Foods that Make You Sleepy: Are You Eating These Foods That Put You To Sleep?

Published: 01st July 2009
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You know you didn't stay out late last night and you even managed a full eight hours of sleep. So why are you yawning like you pulled an all-nighter? Although lack of sleep has often been tagged as the culprit behind sleepiness, it might not be the one to blame this time around. Try to remember what you had for breakfast or lunch. They might be included in the list of foods that make you sleepy.

While foods are meant to give you nourishment, there are some which make you crash and burn at the worst possible times. Below are the foods that make you sleepy.

1) High Sugar Foods

It's pretty amusing how readily available foods high in sugar are. There's chocolate in the fridge, cake from your co-worker's birthday party and those sweets you just popped in your mouth.

The problem with sugary foods though is that they bring you down just as quickly as they bring you up. The sugar speeds up your metabolism and as a result, makes you sleepy. It might boost your energy at first; but believe me, that's not going to last very long.

And don't forget that sugar doesn't only manifest in your favorite desserts. Some of the sauces and condiments you use could also contain high doses of sugar. If you want to have something sweet, I suggest going for fruits instead as they are less likely to put you to sleep.

2) Foods That Are Full Of Fats

Foods that are high in fat definitely fall into the foods that make you sleepy category. The more fat your food has, the stronger its knock out power. This is because your body finds it challenging to break fat down.

Did you know that fat approximately takes six to eight hours to digest? And all that time, your blood goes to your stomach to aid with digestion, leaving your arms and legs wanting and your body feeling a little sleepy.

For a lot of people, red meat usually induces a significant drop in energy. Fried foods are also known to have high fat content. For me, that means limiting the amount of French fries I can order.

3) Alcohol

Stuff with alcohol is considered one of the foods that make you sleepy. Alcohol itself is enough to send you packing to your bed. According to medical experts, alcohol acts as an effective sedative. In regular doses, alcohol serves as a muscle relaxant. Drinking more than you can handle, however, will only spell a restless night for you.

There are certain foods that make you sleepy and others that give you high energy. The examples mentioned above might be responsible for your sudden lethargic state. However, if you're actually trying to get some sleep, keep in mind that these foods are not exactly the healthy solution either. It's always best to consult a doctor.

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