Freelance Article Writing For Magazines: How To Be A Superb Article Magazine Writer

Published: 16th February 2009
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These days, more and more people are doing freelance article writing for magazines. This is good news because it gives you more opportunities to improve your craft, as well as earn extra money.

In some cases, freelance article writing for magazines even pay more than your regular job. If you want to succeed in this industry, then follow these tips below.

1) Start with what you're familiar with.

When you're just starting to do freelance article writing for magazines, it's best to begin with a title that you're familiar with.

Do you often read sports magazines or fashion magazines? When you read a particular magazine often, you're already used to the writing style and tone of the said magazine. This makes it easier for you to do a good job on that topic.

2) Use your connections.

Once you're already doing steady freelance article writing for magazines, don't be afraid to use connections. One of your co-writers or even employers could recommend you to more writing gigs, which in turn could help you create a name for yourself.

Freelance writers are usually highlighted in some magazines so writing a lot will give you more exposure (and more projects in the future).

3) Be original with your ideas.

A lot of magazines like giving their readers a different perspective. That's what your job is. Even though you're familiar with the writing style of a particular magazine, having a different point of view also gives you an edge. Magazines are always pushing forward and aiming for growth; freelance writers are usually their sources for new ideas.

Doing freelance article writing for magazines can be a profitable experience. I'm not just talking of money here, but also of career growth. You're trained to deal with different kinds of articles and situations which help you improve your writing style in the long run.

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