How To Flirt And Be Intimate With A Man: 3 Hot Tips To Turn A Guy On

Published: 09th July 2009
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Do you want to know how to attract the man of your dreams? Or that bartender you've been eyeing all week? Well, you've come to the right place. This article will give you simple and direct instructions on how to flirt and be intimate with a man. No strings attached.

A lot of girls already have what it takes to snag any man they want. Sometimes, all it takes is a push in the right direction and they're well on their way to becoming a natural on how to flirt and be intimate with a man.

1) Turn your femininity up a notch.

A lot of guys are attracted to feminine traits. The more feminine a woman is, the more they're bound to notice her. If you want to practice how to flirt and be intimate with a man, I suggest emphasizing all the things that make you a woman.

When talking to a guy, play with your hair a little. Or when walking into a room full of people, sway your hips a bit. Don't overdo it or you'll look like you're trying too hard.

Although femininity is an attractive trait, it doesn't mean that you have to be shy and meek as well. Confidence coupled with female grace is a huge turn on for guys.

2) Maintain eye contact.

Eyes have undeniable flirting power. After all, they are the windows to a person's soul. Feelings of love and lust are easily recognized just by looking at a person's eyes. However, feelings of desperation are just as easily reflected.

So when you want to flirt and be intimate with a man, keep your eyes on him for not longer than five seconds. Look away every once in a while because all out staring is a little creepy. Once you're up close and personal, you can also try batting your eyelashes a few times.

3) Keep your touches light.

Even though you can beat any guy in an arm wrestling match, don't use that skill when touching a guy. Instead, keep your touches light and alternate between brief and lingering motions. This move will surely drive any man crazy.

Besides, the way you touch says a lot about what you intend to do. So is where you touch. To be safe, keep everything above the belt. If you want to take the moment further, I'm sure you know what to do next.

You already have what it takes to flirt and be intimate with a man. All you need is a little guidance (from this article) and you'll be able to get a hold of any man you want.

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