How to Get a Girl to Like You - Tips to Captivate a Girl's Heart

Published: 14th August 2007
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Want to know how to get a girl to like you? Do not fear, because there are ways to catch a woman's heart. Males the world over are flabbergasted about how to steal the heart of the fairer sex just like you. What is it that makes one of the most baffling of God's creatures tick anyway? This is a list of how to get a girl to like you:

Be yourself.

Being yourself is the best road to getting people to like you. No one enjoys hanging out with a phony. Faking your own personality sends out a warning signal. Pretentiousness is a turn-off because people want to get to know other people for who and what they are.

Immerse yourself.

If you're starting to step out of your shell and get to know women, but you've felt like a worm around the fairer sex, do not fret. It may take practice; but just like in any intrepid endeavor, practice makes perfect. Start small.

Observe your own family. How do the male and female members interact? If you're very lucky to have been raised in a female-dominated family, then you'd at least have a working familiarity of how to behave around women. But if you've only ever been around men and boys your whole life, you'll probably need to adjust to females more.

Try to interact with women more and try to get to know how they tick. It won't do you good to avoid them at all costs simply because you find them intimidating. Girls are vulnerable to bouts of low self-esteem, too. If you're apprehensive with dealing with a girl, keep in mind that girls are stumped about how to get guys to like them as well.

Be nice.

"Nice" and "pleasant" mean two different things. Sure, you could be quite enjoyable to be around with, but do you actually go out of your way to be a decent person?

Help an old lady cross the street. Be a role model for kids to look up to. Be kind to animals. Being considerate to others, no matter the age, gender, or species, is sure to make any girl fall for you.

Of course, don't do it just to get her to like you. If all you're after are the brownie points, your efforts will only blow up in your face, painfully.

Clean up your act.

There are females may find rugged types rather sexy. That, however, is no reason for you to avoid the shower. A guy can be the most perfect Adonis, but it would be no surprise if the girls will flee and avoid him like leprosy if his hygiene leaves much to be desired.

Be a friend.

Yes, pure friendships between people of the opposite sexes do exist. In some cases, platonic relationships can even lead to romantic relationships. But whether or not you'd like to take it that far, keep in mind that girls weren't created to be chased after then to be captured like prize game.

There is a higher chance for her to like being with you if you treat her with respect, listen closely while she's talking, and provide emotional support when she's feeling down. Assure her of your pure intentions and don't let her perceive that you're only after one thing (and you're probably aware what that is).

Internalize and apply these tips on how to get a girl to like you and you'll get your dream girl in no time.

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