Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques That (Ethically) Put People Under Your Control

Published: 13th April 2011
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Hypnotic mind control techniques, like anything in this world, come with a certain kind of responsibility. They can help you find favor in a group, become an inspiring leader or spread more goodness in society. However, they can also blow up in your face if youíre not careful.

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Hypnotic Mind Control Technique # 1: Like Attracts Like.

Getting someone to like you isnít hard, as long as youíre observant. And when you finally get someone to like you, getting that person to agree to whatever youíre saying is a whole lot easier.

You see, the more a person likes you, the more inclined he is to say yes to you. Call it plain PR, but you canít deny that it works!

If you want somebodyís vote, youíd better do your best to make them like you. Why do you think politicians spend so much time and money just to campaign?

One way to get someone to like you is to let them know that you like them first; then they will tend to reciprocate that liking. Even more effective is to let a friend or relative of that person know how much you like that individual, because this comes across as more unbiased and sincere.

Hypnotic Mind Control Technique # 2: Use Familiar Words.

People have a penchant for using the same words over and over again. Some like to use the word "agreed" to conclude meetings while others might find the word "settled" more to their liking.

When trying to control people's minds, you need to listen for certain words the person youíre talking to uses, and then try to use that same word as well.

This creates a quick bond or camaraderie between you and the other person - something that is important, especially if you donít know the other person very well.

Hypnotic Mind Control Technique # 3: Directive Nodding.

If you want someone to say "yes" to you, then hereís a tip that will come very handy in the future.

When asking someone whether they like your idea or not, always ask, "Good, isnít it?" and then nod your head at them. The nodding prompts them to say "yes" whether they have made up their minds or not.

At first, nodding might feel a little weird, but other people wonít notice it at all unless you point it out to them. Use this nodding technique and youíll find yourself getting a lot of positive reactions with little effort.

Hypnotic mind control techniques, when used for good, can have such a wonderful and positive effect on society. Before using these mind control tricks to persuade people, make sure that what youíre doing wonít hurt anybody. Use them carefully and with a certain degree of responsibility.

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