Love Letters To Write To A Boyfriend: How To Use Love Letters To Show Him You Care

Published: 12th May 2009
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You don't really need a reason to come up with love letters to write to a boyfriend. Anniversary or not, guys appreciate it when their girlfriends show how much they care about them.

You might be wondering just how many kinds of love letters you can write to a boyfriend. There are actually a lot. Read this article and find out what some of them are.

1) For Special Occasions

Whenever there is a special occasion, it's almost imperative that you make love letters to write to a boyfriend. It can be his birthday, your "monthsary" or anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Don't go buying one of those greeting cards with just your name signed at the bottom. Guys like it when the message is personalized and actually comes from the heart.

2) The Sillier, The Better

Then there are those random love letters to write to a boyfriend. These letters don't really need a reason to be written.

Say it's raining and you just happen to remember a moment when you two stayed cooped up inside the house... Believe it or not, these small things matter a lot. Wouldn't you feel happy to receive a letter saying that your special someone is thinking about you?

3) Special Love Letters

Others like to keep these love letters to themselves until the right time comes along. Some even keep the letter for as long as five years, and then surprise their boyfriend with it when they're already married.

Consider it a time capsule of sorts. Of course, you'd need to be patient in order to pull it off. Keeping the letter (or letters) a secret for a long time might be difficult for some, but the rewards are certainly worth it in the end.

You don't need a real reason to come up with love letters to write to a boyfriend except for one: because you love him. So go get a pen and paper and start writing that letter!

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