Male Body Language Flirting Signs: Reading A Man’s Body Language To Know If He Likes You

Published: 24th April 2009
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Don't you just wish you can read what men are thinking sometimes? Unless you're in a movie or a comedy sitcom, that is very unlikely. But if you know how to decipher male body language flirting signs, who needs ESP?

There is nothing complicated about reading body language, and interpreting male body language flirting signs is quite easy. For starters, it is the same for almost all men. And second, a lot of them don't even realize that they're sending out these signals, thus giving you the upper hand!

Male Body Language Flirting Sign # 1: To Preen Or Not To Preen

Ever notice how some guys tend to adjust their ties or smooth over their hair before approaching you? Well, that's not them being vain or obsessive-compulsive. That's just their way of trying to show off their masculinity to you.

Instead of being turned off, be flattered that some guy is putting his best foot forward for you!

Male Body Language Flirting Sign # 2: Soft And Subtle Touches

A singular touch can be a powerful thing. When a guy touches your fingers or brushes against your elbow subtly, this is a sign that the guy is most definitely interested in you.

If, however, he touches you in a place less appropriate, feel free to leave the loser and move on to better prospects.

Male Body Language Flirting Sign # 3: Smiling Face

If a guy smiles, then you already know that he is someone good-natured and probably easy to get along with.

If a guy smiles at you more than once, then chances are that this man is very interested in you, especially if he maintains eye contact. If you smile back, then be ready to be approached in five minutes.

As you can see, reading male body language flirting signs is not that complicated. All it takes is the basic knowledge of how men move and you're ready to deal with anything!

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