Reading Female Body Language Signals 5 Hot Body Language Signs of Female Attraction

Published: 07th April 2008
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If you want to know how a woman thinks and feels at any situation, then reading female body language signals is crucial. Whether you're inviting a woman to a date, or you're already in a relationship, you can find out what she's thinking or feeling at any moment if you're adept in reading her body language signs.

Here are 5 hot and reliable signs to know if a woman is attracted to you.

Reading Female Body Language Signal # 1 - The Eyes
If her eyes are dilated or widely opened, that means she's interested or may even be sexually attracted to you.

Here's another way to find out if she likes you. Notice if she looks at you longer-than-usual, glances her eyes away for a while (she may look down or on her sides), and then looks at you again. If she does this repeatedly (especially with a smile on her face), then she's very attracted to you.

When a woman is excited to see you, you might also notice her eyebrows rise unconsciously.

Reading Female Body Language Signal # 2 - The Lips
By observing a woman's lip, you'll know if she fancies you. Some female body language signs that indicate attraction include wetting or massaging her lips with her tongue, softly biting them, and putting on lipstick.

Reading Female Body Language Signal # 3 - The Legs
If she consistently crosses and uncrosses her legs, then this is a clue that she likes you. If she's massaging and/or exposing her thighs while crossing and uncrossing, then this is a very clear sign of attraction.

However, if she crosses her legs tightly and for a long time, she might be indicating defensiveness. She may be signaling that she's "closed" from any potential sexual encounters.

Reading Female Body Language Signal # 4 - The Knees
You can tell if a girl's interested in you by looking at her knees. If they're facing you, then that's a good sign of attraction. If she turns her other body parts towards you as if she wants to focus her attention solely on you, then you just hit the jackpot.

If her knees are pointing towards directions other than yours, then this indicates her disinterest; hence, she wants to get out of the current situation.

Reading Female Body Language Signal # 5 - The Hands
If a woman touches you, then this is a very reliable sign of attraction. Notice that she may not touch you in an obvious manner. She may touch your arm to prove a point or come up with reasons to dust your shirt. But you know better!

Isn't it fascinating how you can decode what a woman is feeling or thinking by simply reading female body language signals? Now you can do away with the guessing game and start focusing on your romantic adventures.

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