Signs He Does Not Like You in a Romantic Way

Published: 05th June 2009
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As much as you might want to marry the guy of your dreams, have a lovely house and family with him, you have to make sure he likes you first. And figuring this out is easier when you know the signs he does not like you.

These signs are easier to spot because you're not exactly conjuring up these signals on your own. You're also more likely to remain grounded with your thoughts and realistic with your observations.

Here are some of the signs he does not like you in a romantic way:

1) He treats you like one of the guys.

Most guys treat a girl according to what they think of her. If you're someone he likes, he'll treat you to drinks and offer to help you with your errands. However, if he treats you like a buddy, he most definitely does not like you in a romantic way.

If he invites you to spend time with his male friends... if he confides in you his failed and successful exploits... if he doesn't compliment you on anything girly, face it. This is one of the clear signs he does not like you that way. The fact that you're actually a girl might not have even registered in his mind yet!

2) He talks to you in a regular manner.

By regular manner, I mean with his usual, casual voice. Guys tend to reserve their softer or manlier voices for the girls they like. If he talks to you with his usual nonchalant tone, he just sees you as a friend or an acquaintance.

This also extends to how the guy acts after talking with you. If he simply says good-bye without so much as a backward glance of hesitation, this is one of the signs he does not like you in a romantic way.

3. He doesn't do anything special for you.

Guys like doing something nice for the girls they like. So if you two have been friends for a long time and he doesn't do anything special for you, it's probably not going to work out.

Special does not include talking to you on the phone about his favorite baseball team. It also doesn't include asking you to help him pick out what to wear.

Creating a checklist of signs he does not like you in a romantic way can be a little painful. You might even feel a little resentment when you realize just how little of your feelings are reciprocated.

However, once you cool down, you'll also realize that he's actually sharing more of himself with you than with the girl he's infatuated with. If you work on the situation diligently and smartly enough, I'm sure you'll find a way to get your guy to re-adjust his impression of you.

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