Signs He is in Love: Top 3 Signs That Show He’s Crazy For You

Published: 12th July 2009
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What are the signs he is in love? Is there a blinking neon sign above his head? Should you watch out for heart-shaped eyes? Well, those indicators don't really exist in real life. Not literally anyway.

However, there are ways to find out whether a man is in love with you or not. If you master them all, it's as good as having that person tell you personally! Here are some of the signs he is in love.

1) He introduces you to his inner circle.

Guys move around in different circles. However, it's the innermost circle that really counts in this case. This exclusive group includes his family and his best buds.

One of the signs he is in love with you is when you are introduced to these people. When this happens, don't start panicking. It doesn't automatically mean he's going to ask you to marry him.

And don't be intimidated by these people either. Just be the girl he fell for in the first place.

2) He talks about marriage.

Guys will never bring up the topic of marriage with a girl he's not serious about. So when your man starts talking wedding bells or future plans, that's one of the sure signs he is in love with you.

Simple things like "I wonder what our children would look like" or "When we get married..." are ways of telling you that he would like to carry your relationship on until you two are old and gray.

3) He uses the word "We" instead of just "I."

People who are serious about each other eventually see themselves as a unit. I'm not saying that two people who are in love should have all the same likes and dislikes.

It's just that guys who use "we" more than just "I" are telling the world that they are no longer bachelors. They are telling others that they are now ready to face the challenges life has to offer with their special someone by their side.

Sometimes, this shift of pronouns is a conscious effort to strengthen the relationship. But most of the time, guys change their pronoun setting without being fully aware of it.

These are some of the tell tale signs he is in love. It's not always about how often he agrees with you or how much money he's willing to spend on you that seals the deal. Sometimes, it's about the little things like introducing you to his family, including you in his activities, or daydreaming about your future together.

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