Signs Of Attraction that A Girl Likes You: How Well Do You Score?

Published: 10th June 2009
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Do you want to know the signs of attraction that a girl likes you? Well, I don't really blame you. There's something wonderful about knowing that a person admires you.

We've all been on that road before. Sometimes, your instinct tells you that a girl likes you, only to end up being a mistake. Sometimes, you second guess yourself and wonder what to make of one girl.

Not all girls express their affections in the same way. However, there are common signs of attraction that a girl likes you, and you can apply these signals to your own situation.

1) Flattery is everything.

One of the common signs of attraction that a girl likes you is when she showers you with compliments. A lady friend will probably congratulate you for a job well done, but a girl who really digs you will find reasons to praise you whenever she can.

You don't have to do anything. You could just be hanging out with your buddies and she'll throw a compliment about your shirt, your hair, or whatever it is you've got going on at the moment.

She won't be doing it just once either. Despite her obvious admiration, don't forget to say "thank you" every time.

2) Fleeting or lingering touches.

Girls get away with touching guys a lot. Guys might chalk the fleeting touches as coincidence or girly nature, but it is actually one of the reliable signs of attraction that a girl likes you.

Touches are meant to convey different messages. They might mean to soothe, to reassure, or to flirt. Consider the situation you're in to understand what her touches mean.

3) Baking a cake.

Not every girl is a kitchen goddess, but they can always find ways to send you something nice.

One of the dependable signs of attraction that a girl likes you is when she does something as nice as baking a cake for you. She might buy a cake from your favorite bake shop or bring you pizza on a Saturday afternoon. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and you won't believe just how many girls take that old adage to heart.

Knowing the signs of attraction that a girl likes you is almost equal to power. However, that power is not for you to abuse. It is for you to figure out what your next step will be. Always remember to keep your feet on the ground and to express your appreciation when a girl does something nice for you.

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