Signs of Male Attraction: 3 Proven Signs That Hes Attracted To You

Published: 11th November 2008
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Men, like women, sometimes send mixed signals - making it difficult for women to decipher them. Sometimes, they say one thing and end up meaning another thing entirely. Luckily, there are a few fixed signs of male attraction you can't possibly go wrong with.

These signs of male attraction are nothing extraordinary. A guy doesn't always profess his love or express his attraction with huge displays of affection or flowers. Just by looking at men from a good vantage point will tell you all the answers you need to know.

Signs of Male Attraction Number 1: Time is Gold.
This old adage holds true for almost any situation I know. And a man who spends most of his time with you obviously thinks you're worth it.

It can be as simple as asking you out or just accompanying you to the copier machine. If he talks to you more than he talks to anyone else, then he is undoubtedly interested (even if he doesn't know it yet).

Signs of Male Attraction Number 2: Meet the Parents. Meet the Friends.
When a man introduces you to his parents, you know that has to mean something big. Not necessarily marriage, of course, but it does mean something.

And if he introduces you to his friends, this also means you're not just a random girl he has his eyes on. You are being introduced to a special circle of people he trusts and treasures.

Signs of Male Attraction Number 3: The Look of Love.
Eyes are the windows to a person's soul. And what you see in those eyes can be one of the reliable signs of male attraction.

When you look into a man's eyes and see a certain gleam or look, you will be able to tell instantly whether he is attracted to you or not. You might question yourself about it, but you will know on instinct what it really means.

These signs of male attraction are present in all types of men. You only need to open your eyes and clear yourself of self-doubt. Sometimes, men might not even realize that they're giving off these signals. So, it's going to be up to you to help move things a little.

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