Signs of Romantic Attraction - How to Detect Romantic Attraction and Respond Appropriately

Published: 21st June 2008
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Signs of romantic attraction are among the biggest questions of men and women today. In this busy world where crossed signals are still common, some people mistake gestures and body language as signs of romantic attraction, only to fall flat on the face when rejected.

There is a way to tell if there is romantic attraction between you, and you don't even need to blatantly ask if there is.

Romantic attraction is usually felt by the parties involved. But if both are too shy to finally break the ice and at least make a connection, the signals are usually lost into oblivion.

On the other hand, the signs of romantic attraction could also be squandered when one party overanalyzes the innocent gestures of another and makes moves based on this assumption. Thus, it cannot be emphasized enough that you should know the signs of romantic attraction.

A good way to tell that another person is attracted to you is an increased interest in you. Does he or she want to know more about your life? Then chances are, the person likes you. But while this could start on a friendly, less intense level, this could soon turn into something truly romantic when encouraged.

After the liking and the interest, the person may seem to want to spend more time with you. And to sweeten the deal, you like spending time with this person too! When there is an intense enjoyment of each other's company, you can be sure that the signs of romantic attraction are already budding.

When you want to take the relationship to a deeper level, make sure that the signs of romantic attraction would not blind you to the flaws of the other. While flaws are ever-present, make sure that these flaws are issues that you can see yourself living with and helping the other overcome.

If the person is set in his or her ways and would never be open to changing for the benefit of the relationship, then you may have to reconsider taking the relationship further. While feelings are very real and valid, a relationship is more pragmatic than just the giddy butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling.

Bear in mind that while you like the person very much, you have to think in terms of ten years down the line. If you see yourself possibly hating the person by then, then leave the friendship as it is.

Always remember that to fully enjoy life, you must surround yourself with genuine, positive people and positive relationships. Though the tough times may come, you know that these people would be with you through to the end.

As in the case of friendships, so should your romance be a haven of positivity. Enjoy the signs of romantic attraction as it comes, but always temper it with a wise and pragmatic assessment of the other's positive and negative traits.

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