Tips For Dealing With Difficult Customers: 3 Amazing Ways To Satisfy Difficult Customers

Published: 11th May 2009
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Difficult customers are the bane of every shopkeeper's existence. Everyone knows the policy that "the customer is always right." Unfortunately, the most difficult ones make it a point to rub this in your face. But there are tips for dealing with difficult customers you can follow to keep your head cool and your shop peaceful.

Some shopkeepers make the mistake of blowing up whenever a difficult customer makes himself or herself known. But these tips for dealing with difficult customers will help you be in control.

1) Get to the root of the problem.

Ask the customer how you can assist him or her. If the root of the problem is simple enough, don't say anything more that you know will upset the customer. Your goal is to solve the problem and get away from the difficult customer as quickly as possible, without sacrificing your store's reputation.

Difficult customers who leave with a bad experience often make it a point to blab about it to other people. And you know how powerful word-of-mouth is.

2) Smile. It confuses people.

One of the best tips for dealing with difficult customers is smiling. Not only does it keep the situation from becoming too tense, it also helps you keep up a cool front. Being charming often alleviates the problem instantly.

Warning: Be sensitive to people's emotions. A genuine smile is nice, but an insulting smile isn't. So do what you can to resolve an issue and accompany it with a smile. But don't smile while he's giving you a piece of his mind. You need to express your empathy, and not make them feel you're mocking them.

3) Offer a present.

One of the most effective tips for dealing with difficult customers is making sure they leave your store in a good mood. If you run a restaurant, perhaps you can offer the customer a free glass of wine or a cup of tea. Ensure the customer that the mishap will not happen again. It's a small price to pay for a happy ending.

The truth is, these types of customers are everywhere. And if you become rather difficult yourself, then the whole situation won't get anywhere. Follow these tips for dealing with difficult customers and you'll be alright. Perhaps next time, that consumer will have a change of heart.

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