Verbal Signs of Lying: How To Detect Lies By The Way They Speak

Published: 13th March 2009
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Detecting lies is easy enough when the person you're dealing with isn't a professional liar. Regular people don't often lie; but when they do, they're as good as caught. Through verbal signs of lying, you now have the ability to find out firsthand whether the person is telling the truth or not.

These signals of deception can help you decide whom to trust and include in your circle of trusted friends and co-workers. In the long run, it might even help you avoid sticky situations that can endanger your relationships or career.

Verbal Signs of Lying # 1: Lots of Stammering

A person who can't get their words straight could be hiding something, but this could also mean that they're nervous or anxious when talking to you. So watch out for the other signals too.

Liars are very uncomfortable with silence and will most likely say useless words to fill the blanks.

Verbal Signs of Lying # 2: Losing Contractions

We all learned how to use contractions in grade school. "Did not" is shortened to didn't. "Will not" to won't. When a person is lying to you, however, they will forget about those lessons and use "did not," "will not" or "does not" in the sentences instead.

Be more observant of the answers you hear, such as "I did not go to her place." Or "I will not stop by the arcade."

Verbal Signs of Lying # 3: Repeating Your Questions

When a person repeats your question instead of answering it immediately, that's a cause for suspicion. For example, you might ask a person, "Where did you go last night?" A lying person will simply ask back, "Where did I go last night?"

Liars have a tendency to repeat questions when they're trying to buy some time. Sometimes, they'll even repeat the question two or three times, all the while wearing a shocked expression on their face.

These verbal signs of lying are easy to follow. Now go out and test your new lie detection skills.

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