Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You: 5 Reliable Signs Of Male Attraction

Published: 18th June 2009
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Listen up, girls! You don't have to waste precious time biting your fingernails or converging with your friends to figure out whether a guy is interested in you or not. There are ways to tell a guy likes you; and lucky for you, I'm sharing these tell-tale signs right now from a guy's (and master persuader's) point of view.

Aside from buying you a drink or introducing himself face to face, there are other ways to tell a guy likes you. They include either of the following:

1. Raising of the eyebrows

When a man sees a girl he likes, his immediate reaction is to raise and lower his eyebrows. It usually happens very quickly, so most women don't really notice it. However, knowing what you know now, I'm sure you'll have an easier time catching this tell-tale sign.

2. Closeness of space

One of the reliable ways to tell a guy likes you is by how close he's sitting or standing next to you. If a man is interested, he'll make sure there's not much of a distance between your bodies.

For example, if you and your friends all decide to go out for dinner, the guy who likes you will most probably try to take the seat next to you or across from you.

3. Teasing of friends

When a guy likes another girl, his friends will most likely tease him about it. So don't take his friends' jokes too lightly. You'll never know what hidden message they contain.

Of course, it's also best to keep up appearances. Don't let them know that you're onto them, so you'll have more time and opportunities to decipher what the teasing is really all about.

4. Enlargement of pupils

One of the dependable ways to tell a guy likes you is when his pupils enlarge. If you're close enough, you can see just how much a person is into you.

Likewise, if his pupils are narrow, then he probably doesn't fancy you that much. Try looking at your own pupils in the mirror, so you'll know what kind of reaction you're supposed to be looking for.

Note: Pupils enlarge in a dark room, and become smaller in a bright room. So consider these factors too when interpreting his level of attraction to you.

5. Sudden nervous habits

Guys tend to become nervous around girls they admire. So if a guy friend suddenly becomes a klutz around you, or if he finds himself stuttering and unable to form coherent sentences, then you know what I'm talking about.

These are just some of the proven ways to tell a guy likes you. You can use these methods to figure out your next move, without the risk of embarrassing yourself or the other person.

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