Words Of Congratulations For A Wedding: 3 Amazing Ways To Congratulate The Wedding Couple

Published: 10th November 2008
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When someone's getting married, it's important that you give words of congratulations for a wedding. After all, marriage is a huge step and it's supposed to be the happiest day of a person's life!

However, tradition (and perhaps poor creativity) has reduced words of congratulations for a wedding to a mere "Congratulations!" Luckily, you don't have to be the 100th person to say that to the newlywed couple. Below are some great ways to really amp the celebration.

1) Look for a happy and romantic love poem.

This is, of course, only applicable when you're sending the newlyweds a card or a letter. This is one creative way you can convey words of congratulations for a wedding. Stop using all those "Congratulations" and "Best Wishes" lines. Honestly, such words have lost their meaning a long time ago.

2) Say, "You are the luckiest man/woman in the world!"

This might sound a little far-fetched, but these words of congratulations for a wedding clearly indicate that this is a day to be celebrated.

It's important for you to tell them that you think they will make each other happy and contented. It's not just about the bride and groom anymore. What their closest friends and family think are also significant to their happiness.

3) Do not say "good luck" or "best of luck."

One thing you should avoid is clapping them on the back and telling the newlyweds "Good luck!" It makes them think that they might need it!

While a marriage is not an easy feat (especially in such modern times), you have to focus more on the best years of their life. Instead of saying "Best of luck," try initiating a toast and saying, "Here's to the best years of your life, guys!" This line is a real winner.

Delivering sincere and meaningful words of congratulations for a wedding is very important. It basically sets the tone for the newlyweds' happy ending.

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